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How we came about in Spokane WA.
SPC. Benjamin James Slaven was killed in Iraq June 9th 2006 and was the son of Kimber NyKole Von Hause Huenink Breeder. The Huenink Kennel has helped me so much with everything, I wanted to honor Ben’s memory for a long time I just did not know how. I thought about getting a male for Kimber to play with during her down time and naming that pup after Ben. Finally after deciding to start a small breeding program I wanted to name my first stud after their fallen son. I called Kimber’s breeder; we talked for a few hours about the pairing I wanted, looking up pedigrees and several hours of Rottweiler talk. When she found out the sire of the pup I wanted to pair with was Karlos vom Haus Kigen she went nuts. Telling me how well she knew of this dog and how great it will be to pair the pup with Kimber. She was very excited and started sending me pictures and videos of Karlos, I had no idea who he was until she showed me. That is when I felt my plans should be known, I needed to ask for permission honor Ben with naming the pup after him, so I asked her for her permission. I could hear her holding back her tears as she accepted, and we ended our call. After sleeping on it, followed by many hours of thought and prayer it was clear to truly honor SPC. Benjamin James Slaven was to name our kennel in his memory. So in honor of SPC. Slaven, Slaven Rottweiler Kennels was born. To take the honor one step further, and to honor my first request, we have named our first sire in his honor, Benjamin James Von Hause Slaven.

SPC Slaven was assigned to the 308th Transportation Company. Army Reserve, Lincoln NE; died June 9th of injuries sustained when a improvised explosive device detonated near his Humvee during combat operations in Diwaniyah, Iraq. This is the least we could do to pay thanks for SPC Slaven and his family for his courage and sacrifice. Thank you for your service, you will not be forgotten, may you rest in peace.

In order to protect our name and integrity; Slaven Rottweiler Kennels will only breed / sell rottweilers for service, therapy and family pets.